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MALLL students undetake the first two semesters in London or Copenhagen. From the academic year 2011-2012, students can choose to study one module of the second semester in Melbourne. During the third semester all students will be brought together in Bilbao, thus being able to draw on each others' experiences and take advantage of inter-cultural learning opportunities within the specific context of the MALLL. Student's completion of the dissertation in the fourth semester can take place at any one of the three European universities.

The first and second semesters lay the conceptual groundwork underlying existing theories, perspectives and tools in LLL.
Programme for 1st semester

The second semester in the UK allows specialisation as regards policy in areas such as HE, further education, etc., The second semester in Denmark allows specialisation as regards comparative and transnational policy and processes and human resource development in the workplace.
Programme for 2nd semester

The third semester focuses on quality management in a systems perspective and the challenges of developing instruments to promote frameworks, strategies and instruments to promote harmonization, flexibility and mobility in response to the emerging needs of systems, stakeholders and individuals.
Programme for 3rd semester

The fourth semester is devoted to the dissertation. The overall aim of the dissertation is to allow students to unify and extend their understanding of the subject as developed in the taught part of the programme by pursuing an independent research project on a chosen topic.
Programme for 4th semester