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Erasmus exchange students

Erasmus exchange students on MALLL 2013 from Greece, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic. Photo by Wu Tong

MALLL programme welcomes Erasmus exchange students!

Notice! (2015 is the last year students can be admitted to the MALLL programme - Batch 10 is last batch)

As an Erasmus student you have the opportunity to follow one or two semesters on the European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management (MALLL) programme. Erasmus students can choose to study at one of the three European universities, namely Aarhus University in Denmark, Institute of Education in the United Kingdom, or Deusto University in Spain.

The programme has for several years welcomed Erasmus exchange students. This webpage is to share some frequently asked questions and answers to assist you in your application process.

What are the requirements to join MALLL as an Erasmus exchange student?

Firstly, you must be a student from one of the current 33 countries participating in the Erasmus Agreement.

Secondly, in order for you to successfully study the MALLL- an international programme at master level- you need to be either on the first year of a master level or final year of a bachelor programme at your home university. Furthermore, you are required to demonstrate a sufficient level of English which is usually the EU proficiency level C1, preferably C2. Read more on these English levels here  www.cambridgeesol.org/sector/higher-education/index.html 

In previous years some exchange students, after an exchange period, have decided to continue to complete the MALLL programme as full-degree students, in such case students are advised to prepare to meet the required English level of IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 650 in written paper test; or 280 in computerised test; or 100 in internet-based test.

Where can I go and what can I study?

It is possible to choose from the modules offered in any of the three European universities: Aarhus University, Denmark; Institute of Education, UK; or Deusto University, Spain.
See the full flow chart of the MALLL modules here.

Please note that the module at the University of Melbourne, Australia is not included in the European Erasmus exchange scheme. You can, however, apply to study in Melbourne as a self-funded student or check the bilateral agreement between your home university and Melbourne University.

How to apply?

Prior to the exchange period you need to obtain a pre-approval from your home university of the courses you wish to attend at one of the MALLL Universities and the certain number of ECTS, which you plan to achieve after completing the MALLL modules.

You are requested to contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your home university for the detailed regulations. The coordinator will assist you with guidance on the procedures of applying. If your university does not already have a bilateral Erasmus agreement with one of the host universities in the MALLL programme (UD; AU; IOE), the Erasmus Coordinator at your university can contact us to establish a new agreement.

If an agreement is already signed, the academic coordinator at you university may also help with guidance on module content alignment between your current studies and the MALLL modules.

In case you wish to apply for the MALLL modules

       The deadline: 1 May for fall semester commencing in September
                            1 November for spring semester commencing in February

       For application, please visit www.au.dk/en/exchange/admissiontoau/

       For further information, contact our Erasmus coordinator: Ms. Eva Lise Eriksen: eli@dpu.dk 

    •  at the Institute of Education, London University, please visit www.ioe.ac.uk/erasmus 
    •  at Deusto University, please see the guidelines here
       The deadline: 1 June for the MALLL modules in the autumn.

To find more information on each individual university of MALLL in Europe, please visit:

Department of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark

Deusto University, Spain  

Institute of Education, London University, UK 

Can I have my tuition fee covered?

Yes, the tuition fee will be covered by the Erasmus Exchange Scheme (stated in the bilateral agreement between the involved universities) and an additional subsidy of approx. 200 Euro per month to cover living expenses during the exchange period.  Please make sure to double check with your home university and ensure that you fulfill the requirements of the Erasmus exchange scheme.

Can I also learn a new language?

Enrolled as an Erasmus student on MALLL, you have the benefits of receiving language courses. At the MALLL universities, students can learn English, Danish, or Spanish depending on the location of your exchange period.

How many times and how long can I apply?

The Erasmus exchange period is 3 to 12 months and must be credit transferrable as a part of your current studies. You can only be granted an Erasmus scholarship once for a study period and once for a practice period.

How to find accommodation?

Looking for housing via the universities' accommodation service is an easy way to find housing in time for the exchange period and also meet students from the same courses or university.

For more information, please click here.


Everything seems difficult at first, the language and the demanding level of the courses, but nothing stopped me, though, from having a good time living in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. I met many polite and helpful people who were willing to help me in every way from showing me directions to offering me their own bike for free. My classmates and the professors here really made my classes at the university enjoyable. Surely, these memories could never be forgotten. Seize this opportunity, meet people from different civilizations and broaden your horizons!

Dimitrios Gerolimatos (Greece), 2012-2013, MALLL student, Aarhus University, Copenhagen.