Application form

10 December 2014, 17.00 GMT for Erasmus Mundus Partner country and Programme country Scholarships Applicants

15 March 2015, 17.00 GMT for Self-funded Applicants

Before filling in the form please read carefully the step-to-step Guide.


MA LL Application form 2014
<br><b>1. Application Details</b><br>
N.B.: To correspond to information in passport.
<br><b>2. Address for Correspondence</b>
Application Category
<b>3. Proof of English Language Proficiency</b>
English Test
N.B.: Only applicants with the required proof of English language proficiency by the deadline, will be considered for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.
<b>4. Academic History</b>
<br>Qualifications (BA level and above - max 2)
First qualification
Second qualification
Have you been enrolled in a higher education abroad?
If yes, please provide most recent information:
<b>5. Work Experience Related to Future Study</b>
N.B.: list max two. Other work experience can be listed in the compulsory Europass CV.
<b>Current/latest immediate supervisor at the workplace</b>
Do you give the MA LLL
Consortium permission to
contact the above-named
<b>6. Recommendation Letters (two required)</b>
N.B.: One recommendation letter must be from your current/latest academic supervisor.
<br>Second recommendation letter
<b>7. Personal Statement of Motivation</b>
8. Declaration and Signature
<b>9. Survey</b>
How did you know about MA LLL
<b>IMPORTANT</b> – Click "Preview application" below, check the contents, print out this application form, sign it and combine it with all other required documents in ONE PDF-file.
Only PDF format is accepted.
<br>Name your PDF-file as follows: your full name and application category (example: FirstnameSurname – Category A)<br>Only PDF-files in the following order will be considered:<br><br><b>a. Application form</b><br>Please print out the completed online application and sign.<br><br><b>b. Proof of English language proficiency</b><br>If you are a non-native speaker or do not hold a full degree in English speaking country recently, you must submit an academic IELTS or a TOEFL certificate as proof of your English language proficiency. An academic IELTS or a TOEFL certificate is a compulsory and non-negotiable requirement for the MA LLL application.<br>Academic IELTS score must have an overall grade of at least 7.0, with a minimum score of 6.5 for reading and of 6.0 for writing, or a TOEFL test with a score of 650 (280 in the computerised test; 100 in the internet-based test).<br><br><b>c. Qualification Essay</b><br>Academic qualification essay should be about 1800 words in length (word count must be stated on the first page) and use font Arial size 12 (excluding bibliography) discussing/analysing a topic related to any aspect of lifelong learning, including references to relevant research literature.<br>The qualification essay must be your own written work in English. All sources (books, journals, websites etc.) referred to or from which you have used quotations or received a substantial amount of information relevant to your qualification essay must be listed in bibliography section at the end of your essay.<br><br><b>d. Transcripts + Diploma</b><br>A relevant Bachelor or Masters degree with good marks from a recognised institution of higher education. Full detailed academic transcripts (grades) in English must be submitted.<br><br><b>e. Europass CV</b><br>Use standard format<br><p><a href="" target="_blank">Please use this link</a>.</p><b>f. Recommendation letters</b><br>Two recommendation letters from former/current supervisors of which one must be academic referee.<br><br><b>g. Copy of passport (photo page)</b>.<br><br><b>h. Full detailed academic transcripts (grades) in the original language (other than English).
<br>In order to print your completed application form you need to <br>
1. click the button "Preview application" <br>
2. check the contents of all fields <br>
3. click "Print application" on the preview page. <br> <br>
After you have signed the application form please combine it with all other required documents in one PDF-file. You can attach the PDF-file on the application page: click "Go back", "Browse", attach the pdf-file then click "Preview application", you will see your pdf-file on the preview page and click "Send" to submit.
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